2018 Favorite Memories

Hey, hello, hiya welcome back to the blog! With us nearing the end of 2018 I wanted to share my favorite memories from every month of the year. I thought this would be a fun way to reflect on the year that I can’t believe is almost over. I swear just yesterday we were ringing in 2018 and now we are at the end. 2018 has definitely been a year of ups and downs for me, but it has made me a lot stronger as a person.

January, wow in some ways it seems like yesterday and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago. My favorite memory from January was my nana’s birthday. To many this doesn’t seem like anything special but in our family its a big deal. In 2015 my nana had a bone marrow transplant, so every birthday is another blessing for us. I love you nana, MORE!

February, man was it chilly here in Northern Indiana! Valentines day is always a good memory, but my favorite memory was this local restaurant Justin and I went to. It’s called ‘Yesterdays’ and its inside of an old house. They have some of the most unique decorations, and amazing food. Oh yeah don’t forget about all of their homemade desserts either!!

MARCH, my birthday month. Yes, I do celebrate my birthday for the entire month. Every year I swear I spend more and more spoiling myself! OOPS! This year was no different except I spent wayyyy more than normal. This year I turned 21 so you think that would where my money went right? Wrong. I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! I am beyond thankful that I even had the opportunity to do this (even if my mom was a little mad) on my own. I bought a 2015 Chevy Malibu 2LT (sunroof, leather seats, automatic start, the whole shebang) from Justin’s best friend Ronnie. He special ordered my car (that I hand picked out) and had it delivered to his car lot for me. So yeah, March was a good month for me.

April showers bring May flowers. April was pretty fun for me! My mom, Justin, his mom, and I went to Chicago for a weekend as a belated birthday trip. We had so much fun shopping in the city together! That night we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, not that I really remember it all too well because of how kind our bartender was. While we were waiting for our table we hung out in the bar and all had a couple drinks. Well Justin and I got pretty buddy, buddy with the bartender and I promise he added wayyyy more alcohol to our drinks (I’m not complaining, this was awesome) because of how well we were tipping him. Also in April I created my baby, my blog!! Crazy right? I love having a blog and although towards the end of this year I was slacking, I have so much planned for next year. So just you wait ladies and gents

Oh HEY May, I see you! May wasn’t too exciting for me, but my bestie Nicole and I did manage to make it to the beach! Have you ever been to a beach with really big dune hills? Well being the silly people we are, Nicole and I decided to climb one for our workout that day! Dumb move. I was so hot and sweaty and by the time I got half way up my feet were on fire. Once we made it to the top it was as breathtaking as always! My biggest complaint is how fast you can get down the dune opposed to getting up it! That’s unfair, lol!

June, baseball season is upon us and in full swing! Get it, because they swing the bat, lol?! Anyways, this year my mom, papa, Justin, and I all went to Wrigleyville, one of the happiest places on earth to watch the Chicago Cubs beat the Pittsburg Pirates 3-1. We all had so much fun together! We drank beer, margaritas, some bloody-marys, and ate our weight in hotdogs and peanuts!! This was such a special memory because one of the first dates Justin and I ever had was to Wrigleyville for game 3 of the 2016 World Series with my mom and papa. So it was very special to be back!

July, America’s birthday, and the best time to go pick some fruit! My mom and I went and picked strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and black raspberries at our favorite orchard. We go there every year to pick apples and pumpkins but had never been there when the fruit was in season. Let’s just say we found a new tradition!

Oh August, you and I had one hell of a month together! This was right after Justin and I split up for a little bit and my friends and Family got me out of the house. There were countless girls nights out and trips to the casino to loose all of my mommas money on Love Boats,(pinnacle vodka, blue curacao, and pineapple juice) and trips to Chicago (my favorite city) with my favorite girls! I probably had some nights where I drank too much (like the night before we went to Chicago) or days I had too much junk food this month, but I’m okay with that. All in all August you were pretty darn fun, so thank you!

September is calling, they want more money. The amount of money I spent this month… damn. September was probably crazier than August, which is saying something! September first and I was already loosing my money. I went tailgating with a group of friends for the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game! My Irish whooped some Wolverine butt that day, sorry if you’re a Michigan fan. Then that night we all decided to go to the bar in celebration, that night was something else. Let’s just leave it at that. The following week I was back on Notre Dame’s campus with my mom and our neighbors to watch Notre Dame vs. Ballstate, don’t worry we did win. A week later I found myself on a girls trip to Kansas City for a bachelorette party! If you ever make it there, you HAVE to go to the power and lights district, its party central! Nicole and I played mom that night with the bride-to-be, but it was a blast! A week later I was in Chicago celebrating the miracle of life. My nana had her annual Bone Marrow Tansplant Celebration of Survivorship picnic, and every year I cry. It’s truly amazing to see this huge group of men and woman that have beaten the odds, and that’s breathtaking. Finally the last week in September my mom, nana, and I continued our tradition of apple and pumpkin picking at our favorite orchard. So damn, September was BUSY.

October, the month of love? I watched two woman say “I Do” to the men of their dreams. Both of them looked absolutely stunning in their dresses, and yes they both managed to make me cry! Jordyn, Dani I am so happy for the two of you and I love you both! Finally Nicole and I went to a local pumpkin patch and had some fun taking pictures together!

November, another month of love and being thankful. Justin’s bestfriend (Justin was the best man) got married to an amazing woman that helps keep him in line. They are perfect for each other and I feel so lucky to get to be apart of their life. Have you ever heard of Blackout Wednesday? Apparently it is this huge drinking day the night before Thanksgiving! I just learned about it this year, lol! Nicole (her boyfriend Jordan), Jordyn, and I went out to the bars to dance our butts off to prepare for stuffing our face the next morning.  Thanksgiving, the day to give thanks (although in my mind we should do this everyday) was good this year. Justin and I spent the morning half with his family and then spent the afternoon with mine before going home to watch some Thanksgiving Day football. One of Justin’s favorite traditions was always watching the games with his grandpa, who left us this year to join his wife in heaven. So now it will become something we will look forward to together.

December, the last month of 2018, and I am still trying to figure out how we got here. It’s true the older you get the faster the year goes. This month is easy because it’s Christmas. I still have a few days before then, but I love it. I love the traditions we have in our family. I love opening stocking Christmas morning with my mom while eating fresh cinnamon rolls and drinking a hot cup of coffee. BUT, there is another reason I am so excited this month… MY SISTER IS FINALLY HOME (my childhood bestfriend) and for 3 weeks!! You guys this is a HUGE deal for me! I haven’t seen Hannah in over a year, and I know as soon as I see her I will be crying!

2018 you were full of ups and downs and surprises but we made. I am still here, and I will make the most of the last few days of the year.

So what were some of your favorite memories this year? I would love to hear them, let me know by leaving a comment.

I will see you guys in my next blog post.

Love always, Chloé Danielle


DC4384EB-E2B5-46E3-935A-A6B007484CE3.jpegWell ladies and gents, it is that time of the year!! We are a week away from Christmas!! I’m so excited because I truly LOVE buying gifts for others! I think it is so much fun, and seeing their face light up is priceless. With that being said, today I wanted to share with y’all my favorite stocking-stuffers to give for guys and girls!

Stockings are probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Every Christmas morning my mom would wake up and make us cinnamon rolls. As she was making those I would start opening my stocking (I could never wait, I usually woke up at 1 in the morning to see if Santa came yet). Since I’ve gotten older I started making my mom a stocking of her own. Now every Christmas morning we wake up, make our cinnamon rolls, grab a cup of coffee, and sit down by the Christmas tree together to open our stockings.

Today I am going to share some of my favorite stocking-stuffers for her, him, and even your fur babies! We can’t forget about them! I mean if they are anything like my fur babies they are sure to be on Santa’s good list! (even if they were naughty)

Stocking-Stuffers For Her.

I’ll admit I probably spend way too much on my stockings, but it is just another gift all in itself. With that being said two of my favorite places to shop “For Her” are Sephora and Bath & Body Works. Together these make for the ultimate stocking stuffer, but don’t worry I put throw other items in there too!

At Sephora I ALWAYS get stuck at the cash rap looking at all of the travel size items! I love Christmas because they always have some adorable stocking-stuffers, that have some of the cutest packaging.

  1. Bath & Body Works: Buy 3 Get 3 Free
  2. Bath & Body Works: Car Scentportables
  3. Pandora: Christmas Charm
  4. Lush: Bath Bomb
  5. Sephora: Moroccanoil, Moroccanoil Treatment
  6. Sephora: Benefit Cosmetics, BADgal BANG! Mascara
  7. Sephora: Peter Thomas Roth, Water Drench Cream
  8. Apple: Apple Watch
  9. Fitbit: Fitbit Versa

Stocking Stuffers For Him.

Guys aren’t usually too hard to shop for, but how many times do you get them the same things over and over. I’m hoping to help you find something different to stick in his stocking this year. Below are some of my favorite stocking-stuffers “For Him.”

  1. Jack Black: Beard Oil
  2. Fanatics: Men’s NFL Beanie
  3. Bath & Body Works: Men’s Body Care & Cologne
  4. Target: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream
  5. Carhartt: Artic Thermal Crew Sock
  6. Jack Black: Lip Balm
  7. Apple: PowerBeats3
  8. Calvin Klein: Billfold Wallet
  9. Sephora: Cologne


Stocking-Stuffers For Fur Babies.

Now you can’t leave out your fur animals, they need to know St. Nicholas loves them too! Christmas is always a good reason to spoil your babies, i know we will be in our household.

  1. Kong: Leash
  2. Kong: Harness
  3. Rae Dunn: Water & Food Dish
  4. Whole Earth: Dog Treats (or whatever brand or food you feed your dog)
  5. Kong: Rubber Toys
  6. Chewy: Dog Sweaters
  7. Chewy: Catnip
  8. Petsmart: Kong Cat Toys
  9. The Cat Connection: Made By Cleo Cat Collars
  10. Blue Buffalo: Soft Cat Treats
  11. Amazon: Corner Biz Pets, Cat Corner


Well y’all that is my stocking stuffer gift guide. I truly hope you got some new ideas for your stockings this year!! What are some of your favorite stocking stuffer?! Let me know in the comments.

Love always, Chloé Danielle