June/July Favorites

0C866192-364B-4BFB-A5E6-14301F68E62ELoves it is finally that time again, that’s right you guessed it, all my favorites from the month of June and July! I decided to combine the last two months since I went MIA for a little while! This summer, sadly, is flying by! The line up has products I’ve been living in, obsessed with, and can’t get enough of! So without further ado let’s dive right in loves!F98DD83A-0599-4933-AA38-F805AE24A826

1.DKNY Slid on Shoes

I love how these look like the Michael Kors ones, but I didn’t spend nearly as much. I scored these beauties at T.J. Maxx for just $12! Yes, you heard me right! I love them because they are so neutral and you can dress them up or dress them down!


2. Oversized Hair-ties

If you have super long hair, super thick hair, or you’re like me and have super long and thick hair, these hair-ties are going to be your best friend girl! I was on YouTube one day (no surprise there) watching a video and this girl recommended them (I wish I remember what video it was) so on my next trip to Target (this is the only place I have found them) I picked a pack of them up! These are the only hair-ties I have used since! They hold my buns up while working out and make my ponytails stay in place all day long!

Hair-Ties: https://www.target.com/p/scunci-4mm-no-damage-extra-long-elastics-15pk/-/A-52596956A6F19C95-0C22-4E93-84C9-9C8036FC18AF

3. Dry Shampoo

This should be your best friend on the days you don’t wash your hair (I wash mine 2-3 times a week) because it helps revive it and get all those natural oils out. So far the Not-Your-Mothers Clean Freak dry shampoo has been my favorite, and especially for the price! At under $5 you truly can’t go wrong, and there are some great scents! They also have unscented for those of you gals that prefer not to have the scents! Since I find myself at Target a lot that is where I tend to pick mine up, but they also offer it at Ulta and Walmart.

Dry Shampoo: https://www.target.com/p/not-your-mothers-clean-freak-dry-shampoo-7-oz/-/A-17380110810C280B-C5BF-4F21-A86A-8ACD52CCE76C

5. MAC Lipstick

MAC was the first brand of lipstick I ever purchased and needless to say I fell in love instantly. Love at first application! I see so many bloggers talk about the shade “Velvet Teddy” so I decided to head over to the mall and check it out. I FELL IN LOVE! This is my everyday neutral shade. I carry this in my purse with me every where I go. So ladies if you haven’t check this shade out before, you need to!

Mac LipStick Velvet Teddy: https://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13854/310/products/makeup/lips/lipstick/matte-lipstick#/shade/Velvet_TeddyBCB0E6CC-218B-426A-831B-CE80FD21F66F

6. Nutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

These have been my go-to mask this Summer! If you are looking for a mask to help hydrate you skin back up from being in the Summer sun this is just the one for you! This is without a doubt the best one out there in my opinion. The mask is so cool and refreshing and sticks perfectly to your face, unlike regular mask that slip around this one stays put until the very end! Every time I use this mask my skin feels so refreshed! You can find this at your local grocery store or Ulta in the beauty section!

Nutrogena at Target: https://www.target.com/p/neutrogena-moisturizing-hydro-boost-hydrating-face-mask-1oz/-/A-52593023

Nutrogena at Ulta: https://www.ulta.com/hydro-boost-hydrating-hydrogel-mask?productId=xlsImpprod17162813506151E1-D01E-4041-BF9E-51503EAE5AC1

7. Botanics Eye Roller:

This has been my go to eye “cream” recently and I LOVE how it has been helping to brighten up my under-eye circles, (yes I’m young and yes I have them) while being completely natural (my favorite part)! Also all you have to do is roll a little bit on and you’re good to go! You can find this at your local Ulta Beauty

Botanics Eye Roller: https://www.ulta.com/all-bright-refreshing-eye-roll-on?productId=xlsImpprod15381017FB7BED35-DA1C-4844-ABEC-A1875B6EDEBB

8. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation:

If you watch Jackie Aina on YouTube then you already know she helped to expand this line of foundation, and she talked me into purchasing it. It was one I’ve had my eye on for a while but after hearing her explain it I knew I needed it. This is my everyday foundation and I will 100% re-purchase this time and time again. I’ve fallen in love with the buildable coverage and how natural it looks on the skin.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: https://www.toofaced.com/shop/face/foundation/born-this-way-foundation/Born+This+Way+Foundation.html

Alright my lovelies, those are all of my favorite products from the month of June and July that I just haven’t been able to live without! I hope you enjoyed the second post in this series!! Let me know in the comments what your favorite products have been lately! Stay Gorgeous Hun! I’ll catch you in the next post!

Love always, Chloé Klein!

My May Favorites!


I think its finally time we sit down and talk about products that I have been obsessing over this last month or so! I am going to try and do monthly favorites, well monthly! LOL! Between my subscription boxes/bags, fellow bloggers, YouTubers, and just me shopping, I find myself constantly falling in love with new products! These posts are going to contain everything from make-up, snacks, phone cases, and even clothing! You will never know what I will be talking about in this post from month-to-month and that’s what will make this post so much fun! I am very excited about this new monthly post, so I think it’s about time we finally dive in my loves!


1. KENDRA SCOTT ELISA NECKLACE IN IRDESCENT DRUSY: My Kendra Scott Elisa necklace in Iridescent Drusy is a staple in my everyday wardrobe. I wear this beauty everyday and truly believe it is the perfect compliment to any woman’s wardrobe! I love that they have so many different options for this style! I promise you won’t have any issues finding the one that you love too, maybe just deciding on which one to purchase! They have multiple medals to choose from like silver, gold, rose gold, and even more options when it comes to choosing your stone! These beauties are just $65!!

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace: https://www.kendrascott.com/products/elisa-rhd.html?dwvar_elisa-rhd_stoneColor=080

UP&UP EVENING CALM MAKE-UP TOWELETTES: If you continually follow my blog, then you already know all about these bad boys (I promise I don’t always have to talk about Target, just tell them to stop with the good deals) and how much I LOVE them! These are the ONLY make-up wipes that I use anymore since discovering them! My favorite part… they are only $2.49 and they work just like the Neutrogena ones that are like $5-$6!! I know this because I previously only used the Neutrogena ones, and these are every bit as good as them for half the cost! Seriously RUN don’t WALK for these!

Target UP&UP evening calm make-up wipes: https://www.target.com/p/makeup-remover-cleansing-towelettes-25ct-up-up-153-compare-to-neutrogena-night-calming-makeup-remover-cleansing-towelettes/-/A-49102557

3. A NEW DAY SCOOP NECK TEE SHIRT: Are you looking for an amazing basic tee?! Good because I’ve got you covered! These are AMAZING quality, super soft, not thin, and only $8 and I couldn’t be more obsessed with them! When I went I bought 3 of these, and I have since already returned to Target (no shocker there) to purchase more! I have been living in these shirts and I’m not even mad at it!!! So I’m not only obsessed with the shirts themselves, but I’m also obsessed with their price!

A New Day Tee Shirt: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-fitted-short-sleeve-crew-t-shirt-a-new-day-153/-/A-52516092?preselect=52969345#lnk=sametab

4. CASEMATE CELL PHONE CASE: When I say my phone case speaks for itself I truly mean it! Casemate SHOWED UP with their new cases and the moment I laid my eyes on them I knew I had to have AT LEAST one of them BUT I have TWO of them!! LOL! The only one I don’t have is the pink one, and I mean who doesn’t want a phone case that has real flowers?! I just love everything about this case and I am constantly receiving compliments on it because she’s such a beauty! She is only $50 and is one durable gal! I’m already trying to decide which one of their cases to purchase next, because I am in love with them all!!!

Case Mate Phone Case (iPhone):  https://case-mate.com/purple-petals-karat-iphone8-plus

5. YETI RAMBLER 20oz TUMBLER: This right here is my go-to cup for work!!! Some days I drink my coffee a little slower than other and for that reason alone this cup means the world to me! This cup is double walled- so whatever you put in their will stay hot or cold down to that last sip! I have other double walled cups but none of them compare to this one! Also if you don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a straw, don’t worry!! They made a separate lid that has a straw!

Yeti Tumbler: https://www.yeti.com/drinkware/rambler-20-oz-tumbler/YRAM20.html

6. C.O. Bigelow Lip Shine: This is my all time favorite lip gloss! My biggest issue when I try a new lip gloss is that its sticky, and I hate that feeling! This is not sticky at all and I love the fact that it smells like mint! They are so many different kinds and colors to choose from! The best part is, they are only $7.50-$8.00!!!

C.O. Bigelow Lip Shine: https://www.bigelowchemists.com/c-o-bigelow-vanillamint-supreme-2x-lip-shine-no-505.html


7. Boom Chicka Pop: This has been my go-to snack lately when I’m am wanting something salty! I buy the small pack of them, that come individually wrapped! I love these for a quick snack at work or for when I’m running errands and just want a quick snack! I’ve heard that their Kettle Corn is AMAZING, but unfortunately I just don’t like kettle corn, but I have no doubt in my mind that it’s super yummy! Go pick some up the next time you find yourself at Target!

Boom Chicka Pop: https://www.target.com/p/angie-s-boomchickapop-sea-salt-popcorn-0-6oz-6ct/-/A-14460576

8. Pur Bronze & Brighten: You know I just have to mention something about make-up! I received this in one of my Boxycharm boxes and I have been obsessed ever since! This has been my go-to pallet on mornings that I’m running behind because it’s all just right there! I can’t rave about this product enough, and even better its super affordable for everything you’re getting from it! Definitely check this girl out!

Pur Bronze & Brighten: https://www.purcosmetics.com/bronze-and-brighten-cheek-palette


Alright my lovelies, those are all of my favorite products from May that I just haven’t been able to live without! I hope you all enjoyed this and are super excited about making this a monthly post! I will catch you in the next one or on Instagram!

Love always, Chloé Klein!!!