FabFitFun: Spring Box

8EDBB4AD-DF5E-4A56-93D7-BA216523E031Hey beautiful! Spring has finally sprung here in Northern Indiana and I am here for it! Since we last talked I had a birthday! I am happy to say that I’m finally feeling 22!! Also, I know I probably sound like a broken record… BUT… this season’s box is to-die-for! Seriously if you don’t already have one RUN!

Alright Ladies, let’s jump into my Spring Box!

Show Me Your MuMu: Brie Robe $84

“Just stepped out of the shower? Planning a day of lounging? Slip into this beautiful floral-print robe, which features a removable belt and a high-low hem.”88CFEF70-D23F-44BE-9DF1-E683DBC6CB4D

I have been loving slipping into my robe after a shower, or in the mornings while getting ready for work. I am almost 5’8″ and I haven’t had any issues with this robe being too short! This robe definitely has my heart!

Quay Australia: MY GIRL in “Black/Smoke” $55

“With black hardware, chic metal accents, and an oversized frame, these cat-eye sunnies can be rocked by any gal.”4E2A0236-1B6B-480E-A770-99D8ED3FEE45

Boy-oh-boy were they right about these sunnies! I have a pretty petite face and i still think these look adorable on me! They are definitely a win in my book!

Klorane: Nutri-Reparative mask with Desert date $26

“A deep nourishing mask treatment for very dry, damaged hair that repairs, restores and strengthens hairs natural keratin. Hair becomes reinforced, supple and resilient.”FF9BE147-690D-446E-84E0-96649CE637E1

Again I have been loving my MONAT products so I have not tried anything else.

The 2Bandits: Athens Necklace $30

“Simple yet elegant, an iridescent necklace is a timeless piece to add to your collection.”4D964CFE-2BDA-400C-A151-1E2B65B6DD1B

When I opened my box and saw this I was so excited about how feminine they made this bar necklace! It truly is simple yet elegant, and is such a great piece to add!

TULA: Purifying Face Cleanser $28

“This isn’t an ordinary cleanser; it uses the power of probiotics to gently remove dirt, impurities, and makeup while leaving the skin balanced and clarified.” DAD55809-F4B3-4CEC-9E9F-175BD5A3448C

I have used this once since I got my box and I really liked it! I have actually been eyeing this cleanser for a while, but my ULTA has been out! I loved how gentle it was on the skin and the best part?! Your face isn’t left feeling like it needs a gallon of water! Admit it, we’ve all been there once or twice!

OUAI: Leave-in Conditioner $26

“We’re OUAI obsessed with this multitasking leave-in conditioner. It works all day to smooth, soften, and detangle hair with moisturizing properties and enhanced heat protection.” D34C09AD-09AB-493E-886F-94AF13134BF0

In the past I would have been over-the-moon to receive this, but since I have been using MONAT I haven’t used other products.

Dr. Brandt Skincare: Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel $42

“Visibly reduce the look of under-eye bags and dark circles with this breakthrough solution.”D9D7CE4D-F5D8-42D1-949C-E1DE3A9BF428

OMG! *Insert heart eyes* I absolutely LOVE this tube of heaven! It is amazing! This will definitely be getting re-purchased!

Manna Kadar: Champagne Body Scrub $24

“Formulated with charcoal and Dead Sea minerals, the luxe and gentle body scrub removes dirt for polished, hydrated, and refreshed skin.”CBB5EF3A-EA21-467F-BDE1-00C197744797

I can’t get over how amazing this body scrub smells! If you are a fan of body scrubs I definitely recommend giving this one a try! I loved it!

Alright, have you been keeping track of how much my box was worth? The grand total for everything in my box is $315!! Girl all I pay is $49.99 for my box! So just by being subscribed to FabFitFun I saved $265! That’s insane!

If you’ve been considering signing up for FabFitFun, do it! You can save $10 off your first box if you sign up using my link! How fun is that?! Click here if you’re ready to sign up!

I’ll talk to you beauties soon! Have a great day or night!

Love always, Chloé Danielle

OOTD: T.J. Maxx

Heyyy gorgeous! Welcome to the blog. Today I am sharing my super comfy outfit of the day, T.J. Maxx edition. I have loved shopping at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx ever since I was little, and honestly I buy a lot of my pieces from these stores. It’s affordable fashion what more could you ask for? Alright ladies, let’s grab our pink drinks and get started!89F803C3-40B5-48CA-9705-7A3B6E9E4F88

90 Degree by Reflex Leggings

I have been LIVING in these leggings since buying my first pair! You can usually find them for about $15 at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. I purchased mine for $12 on sale. I love their leggings because they are so flexible. They also have great coverage, meaning you don’t have to worry about bending over!  Linked are the pair most similar to mine retailing for $29.99. 44866E98-7161-4286-99E3-2259C219DFA3

Calvin Klein Quarter Zip Hoodie

Girl I love Calvin Klein (not just because we share the same last name, and no we aren’t related a girl can dream though! I love how soft this sweatshirt is, but also the fact that its a quarter zip with a hood! Linked is one that I find the most similar and even on sale it’s more than the $29.99 I paid at T.J. Maxx!2B6A22AD-E252-48A2-82FE-B78F6A1C441E

New Balance Running Shoes

Let me start by saying these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever bought. I bought them for coaching since I am on hard wood all day and my feet don’t seem to hurt afterwards. I purchased these beauties for $39.99 at T.J. Maxx and of course they are cheaper than the newer version at $69.99! Which truly, that is still a good deal for tennis shoes this comfortable girl!3D758B54-1F10-4BE0-8CB1-469B767A0C25

Well my loves, that is my OOTD: T.J. Maxx! I hop you enjoyed it and feel inspired to hunt for some amazing deals! I will see you soon, hopefully at the shops!

Love always, Chloé Danielle!

FabFitFun: Find Your Cozy.

Welcome back girly, long time no talk! Too long that is! I swear my life didn’t used to be this crazy (at least I don’t remember if it was! I am so excited because today we are finally talked about my Winter FabFitFun Box!! Oh my gosh girls, was this an amazing box or what?! I couldn’t believe all the goodies in there this quarter! So I will stop blabbing on and dive into the box! I mean that is why you’re here right?

Alright ladies, there were so many amazing choices this season. What poison did you choose? Or were you more like me this season and couldn’t make up your mind so you chose both, or maybe even all of them?! Whatever you decided on I’m sure you will love it. Here are the options I chose…

The first decision for me was easy. I didn’t need anymore gloves or head wraps, and honestly hair products are just a no brainer for me. So I chose the Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask

The Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask helps to “Seal split ends, strengthen hair, and make your tresses more manageable with this fortifying blend of argan oil and keratin components” $49.00

“Tip: After shampooing, leave mask in hair for 5 to 7 minutes, then rinse.”

This product is so amazing and I have already started to notice a difference.

The next decision was not easy for me at all!! I absolutely love jewelry and girl we know I love my hair products. So I ended up getting two out of the three choices. OOPS!

THIS necklace is EVERYTHING. I just HAD to have it in my collection.  Lele Sadoughi Silber Circle Necklace

“How gorgeous is this necklace? It’s a minimalistic yet statement-making piece with its dainty, silver-plated brass chain and chic, silver-plated circle pendant.” $49.00

This necklace is the perfect gift for any working woman’s wardrobe. Honestly a must have statement piece.

Like I said earlier I love my hair products so I HAD to HAVE this dry shampoo. Besides I have had a travel size of this, its pure gold! I mean it should be for $44.00

“It’s so easy to achieve lust-worthy locks. Use this sulfate-free dry shampoo to absorb product buildup, oil, and impurities while soothing the scalp and restoring strength and softness.” with the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

“Tip: Spray 8 to 10 inches from scalp, then massage into scalp until product is completely absorbed.”

The next option was sort of easy for me as. I loved make-up whole heartedly, but I had so many eye-shadow palettes already. I also didn’t really want or need over the knee socks. So I ended up choosing the Sherrie Mathews Acupuncture Jade Stone Roller.

I was pretty excited about this roller! I have been into anything and everything anti-aging lately!

“It’s no wonder this anti-aging beauty tool has been used by empresses for centuries. The jade roller helps stimulate qi (energy) and promotes a feeling of facial relaxation.” $45.00

“Tip: Gently wipe clean with an alcohol pad after each use.”

Next were the items that you didn’t get to choose, but FabFitFun chose for you! The first items you could receive were Bite Beauty lipstick, Chic & Tonic 4-piece coaster set, or Brooke Burke Body Sliders.

In my box I received the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Meringue.”  YAY!!

I loved getting lipsticks, but I love getting them more when I REALLY didn’t want coasters or body sliders lol! “A high-impact lipstick in a peachy-nude shade, this lipstick is handcrafted to deliver intense moisture and creamy wear.” $26.00

“Tip: Exfoliate your lips beforehand to create a smooth base for the lipstick.”

Okay, so that one was good! The next item I could receive was either Way of Will Elevate Essential Oil Set or the Anthropologie X Mer-Sea & Co. Body Cream. If you knew me, you knew I did not need anymore lotion OR body cream so I was hoping I got the essential oils!

So happy because in my FatFitFun box I received the Way of Will Elevate Essential Oil Set: Sweet Orange & Eucalyptus Oil. I love essential oils and sometimes sweet orange is hard to find, so I was happy!

“Unlike typical essential oils, these oils can be applied directly onto the skin. Eucalyptus helps with sore muscles and cold symptoms, while Sweet Orange eases stomach cramps and headaches.” $31.00

The next items are things everyone received in the box this season! I really enjoyed these items this season!

Everyone received the Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener in “Stella”. “Infused with macadamia and meadow-foam oil, this silky champagne eye-brightener instantly highlights and brightens your eyes.” $24.00

“Tip: Highlight the inner-corners of your eyes for a brightening effect.”

Next everyone received the Ahava Hydration Cream Mask, and for me this is amazing! I suffer from severely dry skin so I was super excited about this!

“Enriched with mineral spring water, shea butter, and vitamin E, this rich, creams mask softens and smooths the skin while providing intense hydration and comfort.” $33.00

“Tip: Use it as a three-minute hydration boost or as an overnight sleeping mask.”

Everyone also received Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid!! Again yay, who doesn’t love products with hyaluronic acid in them?!

“Is your under-eye area puffy or swollen? Detox and de-puff with this activated charcoal eye mask for a refreshed look.” $29.00

“Tip: Leave the eye mask on for 10 to 15 minutes before carefully peeling it off the skin.”

Last but definitely not least everyone received the Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw in “Gray/Ivory” or “Natural/Ivory”

I received the “Natural/Ivory” one in my box this season and I love it! “Cozy up with this woven throw, which features a stripe design and cool fringe detailing.” $49.00

“Tip: Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.”

This season my box totaled (without my extra add on) $335.00 and all I pay is $49.99 every season! Are you ready to sign up for your own FabFitFun Box? With code ‘WINTERFUN’ you can save $10 off of your first box!! Just use the link below to sign up!


I hope you love FatFitFun as much as I do!

Love always, Chloé Danielle

Francesca Finds!



Hey you! Welcome back to yet another blog post here on Polka Dots and Peonies: The Blog! I am so excited that you decided to join me today because I’m sharing another post on some amazing clearance finds! Momma loves a good bargain find over here! LOL!! A lot of you seemed to really enjoy my post about my Target clearance finds, so I thought I would continue that trend today about more good deals that I managed to score!

By now it’s not a secret that I LOVE to bargain hunt. I get it honestly though, my momma and I are always on the hunt for a good deal!! I rarely ever purchase items for full price anymore simply because in a month it will probably just be on sale anyways! Let me just say this, I can definitely wait a month for something if it means I’m saving 50% or more on that item! I mean the more you can save, the more you can buy right?! HAHA!!

Today we are stepping out of my beloved Target and heading over the mall. Crazy right?! I know what you guys are thinking, but I found some CRAZY good deals at Francesca’s. But…. before we talk about my finds from Francesca’s I HAVE to mention my earrings that I paired with this outfit! I found them on the Target Clearance rack for just $3! Like how can you not buy a pair of adorable earrings for only $3?!? I’ll wait… good I’m glad you would buy them too!! Also, if by chance you haven’t read my Target Clearance Finds blog post, GO CHECK IT OUT!! Run don’t walk to that blog post, there are some amazing deals to be found at Target!!


Back to Francesca’s I think the reason I love them so much because they have that boutique like feel, and what girl doesn’t love a good boutique? I’ll wait… no one? That’s what I figured! HAHA! The other weekend I stopped in there with my fiancé Justin and started shopping the clearance rack, I found 2 adorable peplum tops and a pair of jeans. I walked out of the store spending only $36!! Yes that’s right 3 items for just $36 at Francesca’s! So how did I manage that, well you just have to keep on reading!

So to my surprise, their clearance was on clearance! LOL! Items ranging from $9.99-$14.99 were on additional sale for $6.99, items priced from $15.00-$24.99 were on sale for $9.99, and anything priced above $25 was on sale for $19.99!!! So you could find some amazing deals, and remember these items are already marked down from their original prices! They also had some jewelry on clearance!!! They had earrings on sale 2 for $10, and necklaces and bracelets were 2 for $15 mix and match! Let me just tell you they had some AMAZING jewelry and being the silly person I am, I didn’t purchase any!


So the first top I picked out, is this adorable 3/4 sleeve peplum top! I cannot begin to express how much I’m LOVING the flower embroidery on it! I just think it makes the top even more feminine! This shirt is oh so soft and comfortable, and I love how you can dress it up, or even dress it down! I picked this beauty up for a steal at $6.99!


The next item I picked up is also a peplum top, but in a royal blue color! This also has some adorable flower detailing on the top, making the shirt a lot more feminine against the blue! I mainly got this top for the office, but instead find myself wearing it a lot more outside of work! How ironic?! LOL!! This gorgeous top was also a steal at just $6.99!!

Next is one of the most comfortable pairs of blue jeans that I own!! I love the coloring on these and the cute detailing at the ankles on these babies!! AGAIN, I think the detailing makes these beauties ‘oh so feminine’ and we all know by now that I am most definitely a girly girl! Let me just tell you I scored these for just $19.99 and for a pair of jeans that’s AMAZING, and almost unheard of these days!

Alright my sunshine, that’s it for today’s blog post! I hope you guys are loving these as much as I am! Also if there is something you are wanting me to post about let me know!! I know someone has asked me to do a blog post about the products I use for my hair, so that is in the works! I am so open to your guy’s ideas so throw them at me!

I’ll catch you guys in the next post or I’ll see you on my Instagram!

Love always, Chloé Danielle