Monat Monday: Revitalize Conditioner

AFA01D31-A7BC-4E46-A3B0-3C229701647FHappy Monat Monday beautiful! Did you cash in on the flash sale we had over the weekend? Man was it a good one! Anyways, today we are going to be talking about Monat’s Revitalize Conditioner. Let’s go ahead and get started!

Revitalize Conditioner 

~A gentle volumizing conditioner for fine and limp hair

~Penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping to boost natural hair growth

~Aids in improving follicle strength, and helps in reducing hair thinning.

~Delivers moisture and vital nutrients to aid in plumping and energizing hair from roots to ends.

~Safe to use on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions.


~Apply a dime – quarter size amount to freshly washed hair.

~Gently massage from mid-shaft to your ends.

~Leave in your hair for about 5 minutes.

~Rinse thoroughly.

~Follow with your favorite Monat styling products.A8018544-26B3-4BE0-A032-66837BEA6F50

Key Ingredients:

REJUVENIQETM: MONAT’s own proprietary blend of unique oils containing essential powerfully active botanical ingredients.
CAPIXYL: Helps reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair while stimulating natural growth.
PROCATALINE: Helps maintain healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles to combat premature thinning while protecting color and shine.
CRODASORB: UV absorber that helps protect hair from sun damage.


Just like our Revive shampoo I personally LOVE our Revitalize Conditioner. I go back and forth between this and our Smoothing Conditioner. I do prefer our Revitalize Conditioner because of how much volume it gives my natural curls though. If you are looking for voluminous hair, then you need this in your routine!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Monat Monday! Are there any Monat products that you are dying to know about?  Throw all of your Monat question’s at me, I promise I’m ready for them!

Love always, Chloé Danielle | Instagram: @chloeedanielle |

Email: |SnapChat: c_klein15


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