Target Clearance Finds!!!!

Hey, hello there sunshine and welcome back to Polka Dots and Peonies: The Blog. I just wanted to pop on here and talk about some of the amazing finds I have recently got from Target!!

I’m pretty sure that these days almost ALL girls are OBSESSED with Target! I mean am I right or am I right??! HAHAHA!! Well at-least my group of girls and I are!! More times than not, when I talk to girls we always connect about our love for Target and all of their amazing products! My friend Hannah and I joke that we started shopping there before it was cool, and that’s still the story I am sticking with! LOL!! Honestly though, her and I were shopping there when we were like 12 and 13!  LOL

Anyways, I go on Target hunts all the time, because you can find some amazing things at great prices!!! I love all things fashion and beauty related, but I also like to do that on a budget! I want products that aren’t going to break my bank, but that still have amazing quality! That my lovelies is where Target steps in!! They always are having some kind of sale going on, or clearance sections, on top of their already great prices!!

My first stop is always the clothing section, because well… I don’t know! LOL!! That’s just always where I decide to start, and the other week I was so happy I did! They were having a sale on basic t-shirts, and I was actually in the market for some! I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $20 on a plain t-shirt! Well these bad boys were only $5!!! Yes you heard me right, they were on sale for just $5! On top of that, they are originally only $8, so you bet your bottoms dollar I will be purchasing more of these basic tees from the brand ‘A New Day’ at Target! I love the scoop neck look, and these are just so soft and comfortable, and even better, great quality! (I have been living in the stripped one)  Just a heads up, I personally think they run small, so I suggest sizing up! I typically where a medium, and I purchased them in a large!!

Once I shop the clothes I always head over to the shoes because at my Target they are right next to each other!! Okay let me just say it, my loves, I have a shoe problem… I’M OBSESSED WITH THEM!!!! Hahaha!! I have found some of my favorite shoes at Target, especially in the clearance section lol! When I found these loafers by the brand ‘A New Day’ (I have been loving their entire line), they IMMEDIATELY were put in my cart without hesitation!!! These purple velvet loafers are talked about in my previous blog post “Head Over Heals”, and I was talking about how I just needed them in my life! Well I finally have them, and I scored both of these shoes for $7.48 a piece!! That’s a steal if you ask me! They were basically paying me to buy them!!

Once I’m done looking at the shoes I typically head over to the jewelry, because what girl doesn’t need a cute pair of earrings in their life!?!!? I have been loving the these two brands, ‘A New Day’ and ‘Sugarfix By Baublebar’ they are both super affordable for all my girls who don’t want to break the bank!! These earrings are great quality and always the perfect compliment to any girls outfit. These were all purchased on the clearance section ranging form $4.98-$6.98!! WHAT A STEAL!!!!! Again you just cannot go wrong with these beauties!

Once I check out the jewelry section I will sometimes just briefly stroll through the beauty area, well yesterday I was so glad I did! I have been looking for a new hairspray and I just happen to see these sitting on the clearance shelf and I thought I would check it out! I’m very familiar with the brand ‘Bed Head TIGI’ so I thought okay what is this! Well I just happen to find 4, Mini Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray for $0.56 a piece!!!!! You guys I paid $2.24 for all for of these bad boys!! I was jumping for joy when I saw the price on these that I literally cleared the shelf of them! They are a great salon brand, and these smell amazing so I can’t wait to try them out!!!

That is it for todays post my lovelies!! With that being said, I dare you to shop your local Target’s clearance and let me know what you find!! If you already do shop the clearance what are some of your FAVORITE finds???

Love always, Chloé Danielle.

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