My Go-To Starbucks Drinks!

41ce49d1-97a0-4c81-8603-6e2c32817d95Hey, Hello there, and welcome back to Polka Dots and Peonies the Blog Sunshine!

Today I just wanted to have a fun easy read of my favorite go-to drinks from Starbucks! I used to work at a Starbucks, so you can only imagine all of the crazy drinks I got to make! Some were crazy good, and some were just plain crazy! Lol

Passion Tea, my first true love (besides the caloric frappuccinos) at Starbucks! My go-to order when I’m just feeling something more on the lighter side! I order a trenta (30oz) passion tea, no water, with raspberry instead of classic, and light ice! This drink is to die for! I love it because it’s not too sweet, and getting the no water with raspberry makes it the perfect balance of tart and sweet for me! Yummy!!!!

Pink Drink

The famous Pink Drink that took the world by storm, lol! I think by now we all know what this drink is, but for the few of you that don’t you’re definitely about to find out! This is my favorite after lunch drink because of how refreshing it is, and how adorable it is as well! I also get this in the big girl size because I can, lol! This is a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk instead of water, with freeze-dried strawberry slices! This drink is amazing and I haven’t met someone who doesn’t like it!

I’m laughing because this is the drink I get questioned about the most! My venti iced green tea latte with soy (I’ve recently become lactose intolerant, but I used to get this with non-fat milk) and sugar-free vanilla or raspberry syrup. It’s a bright green yummy machine!! I’ll admit the drink looks gross, and green, and you probably think its made with spinach and kale but I promise you it’s not! I want you to go out and just try the drink, see if you love it as much as I do! The best part is, if you purchase your Starbucks drink and you absolutely HATE it, have them remake you something you like! They won’t be mad, because they want you to have a drink that YOU love!

Green Tea Latte with soy and rasberry

Where are all my coffee lovers at? Oh there you are! Alright, so have you tried a venti iced Starbucks double shot? This bad boy right here, is 5 shots of espresso poured right over a venti cup of ice and shaken! My favorite flavor is 5 pumps sugar-free vanilla and 3 pumps raspberry, topped off with soy milk! If you are having a rough morning, go order this wake up machine!! She’s sure to get the job done!

iced doubleshot with sugar free vanilla, rasberry, and soy

One of the cult favorites, loved by so many, the venti iced caramel macchiato, (with soy for me) and some extra caramel drizzle, (because we all know that’s the best part) with light ice! This is my Friday morning “treat yo self” drink! I love this so much but I try not to get it too often because of how many calories I consume asking for my extra caramel drizzle! LOL

iced caramel macchiato with soy and extra caramel drizzle

Alright my lovelies, those are my top 5 favorite drinks from Starbucks, these are my true go-to drinks! Let me know some of your favorite drinks from Starbucks by leaving me a comment, or tag me in a post on Instagram! I would LOVE to see what all of you guys are grabbing from Starbucks these days!

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and reading this post today!

Love always, Chloé Danielle!

Heels I’m Obsessed With!

IMG-0090Hello Sunshine,

Welcome back to Polka Dots and Peonies the Blog! Let’s talk shoes! I wanted to share with you lovelies a few of the shoes I am currently, that’s right you guessed it, Head Over Heels For!  How exciting is this?! Disclaimer, these are just a few pairs of shoes that I am currently obsessed with, because if we went through ALL of my shoes, we would be here all day! LOL These are the shoes that I won’t put down, won’t stop wearing, never want to take off, OBSESSED with. If you are one of my close friends you probably want me to shut up about them, and if you work with me you’re probably trying to figure out if these are the only shoes I own! HAHA


Right now I have been living for any type of mule! I think they are extremely on trend right now, as you can find them pretty much anywhere (what a win with so many different options) and everywhere! I’m loving them for the office or even for a quick trip to the grocery store since you can just slide them on and go! Two of my favorite pairs at the moment are both velvet (how soft and comfy)! I’m living for the velvet look right now! LOL! So my first pair is a little more on the expensive side, but don’t worry I have a budget friendly pair for all you girls not looking to break the bank!! My Marc Fisher Black Velvet Studded Mule is probably my favorite shoe at the moment! Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThis girl right here is so business chic! They are the perfect complement to a pixie pant, and I love how the studs add a little bit of edge to the outfit! While they no longer have these on the website, I linked an extremely similar pair down below that’s on sale for $75, so go check them out! Alright, so for all my girls looking to save a buck or two, (myself included) I have you covered! These velvet mules from target are to die for, and so is the price! At only $24.99 you seriously can’t go wrong! While they no longer offer the pair I currently have, the ones I’m linking below have a bow on them, (I needed these like yesterday) and are ADORABLE! Target has seriously been killing the game lately, (no surprise their) especially with their shoes.  Target’s shoes are amazing, and are such good quality for the price point! Go grab these before it’s too late! Run don’t walk for this deal!!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Dear Sam Edelman, I am in love with your shoes. Please stop doing this to me! Goodness, does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?! LOL! They are another company that always shows up, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, you might have been living under a rock these past years! They seriously have some of the best shoes, and their booties are to die for, for Spring, Summer, and Fall!! Open toes, side bows, lace tie fronts, and cut outs: whatever you are looking for I’m sure that you will find it on their website(I know I sure do) lol! Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI have been loving the Yumi Mules! I think they are so feminine with the bow on them! Linked below, I found them on sale for under $70 regularly $120!!! What a bargain!! One of my other favorites at the moment from Sam Edelman is the Ellery Heeled Sandal. Talk about adorable, because these babies are going to win your heart over that’s why they are currently sold out just about everywhere! Don’t worry though girls, I’ve got you covered!! I found them in stock, in almost ALL sizes!!! Check the link below to fall ‘Head Over Heels’ for these beauties (no pun intended) lol!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Last, and surely not least are my Vince Camuto booties! I seriously get so many compliments when I wear these, and I wear them quite a bit! These are the shoes I had on when I became engaged as well, so they are even more special! I just love how versatile they are because you can dress them up or down, or meet somewhere in the middle if you are like me! While I have had these particular one for about a 1 1/2 years now, they have an almost identical pair on their website right now ON SALE for under $70!!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Ladies you seriously need to run not walk for all of these amazing shoes, and the deals on them at the moment! As always thank you so much for staying with me and reading this post! I love you all so, so much my lovelies! Let me know in the comments below what you think about all of these beauties, and what you would like to see next from me! I want to create content that you want to see as well!

Love always, Chloé Danielle



Marc Fisher Mules:

Target Mule:

Sam Edelman Yumi Mule:

Sam Edelman Ellery Heeled Sandal:

Vince Camuto Trevan Lace up Bootie:

OOTD: Jersey Knit Dress

Hello Sunshine and welcome back to my blog! I just wanted to pop on here today and give you all the details about the outfit I have been obsessed with from head to toe! One outfit?! That’s it?!? Yes! This outfit is seriously that amazing! LOL

Let’s just talk about this dress! It’s currently ON SALE!!! Yes, you heard me right, on sale and for under $45 coming in 3 different colors! I have been living in this t-shirt dress from GAP! I love it because you can dress it up or down. During the week I dress it up up by pairing it with a polka dot blazer and a simple black point-toe heel. While during the weekend, I usually throw it on with a ball cap and conquer all of my to-do list! It is just so comfortable you can’t go wrong with it! Go grab yourself one before they are gone!!

Alright girls, are you looking for a denim jacket?! Great because this one is perfect for you! It is also from GAP (we might have a slight obsession), and it’s one of my favorites! I love how comfortable it is. Sometimes you buy a jean jacket and it’s just too stiff, well not this one! The wash is the perfect mix between light and dark as well!

My shoes, that I have also been living in are sadly from target about two years ago! I always fall in love with the sandals they don’t bring back every year (does that happen to you?), on the bright side Old Navy has some very similar ones for $20! Seriously such a bargain, and we love a bargain find over here! They are the perfect simple sandal for your Summer wardrobe!

Last, but surely not least, is my BEAUTIFUL Tory Burch purse! I’m in LOVE with Tory! I have 2 wallets from her and a new purse on the way as we speak! While sadly she is not available in store anymore I will link below some beauties they have at the moment! This is my business woman purse! She goes to the office with me everyday! I can fit everything I need for my work day in her, and that’s why I love my purse so much. Besides the fact she’s stunning (does anyone else refer to their purse as “her” no? Probably just me lol!)

Alright my loves, that’s it for today’s post! Thank you so much for staying with me tonight! As always comments and post recommendations are much appreciated!

Love always,

Chloé Danielle💕

Farmers Market Fun!

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

Hey Sunshine, let me just start off by saying how much I absolutely LOVE going to the market! My mom and I would go on Saturdays when I was younger to just get out of the house and do something fun. It was quality time that we got to spend together and grow closer, which I really enjoyed. There would be times when my nana would come with us too (which meant I got even more goodies!) While we wouldn’t tell my mom that I got extra goodies, somehow she always ended up figuring it out.  

One of my favorite parts of the Farmer’s Market is this little bakery, that makes European pastries. My two favorite pastries are Kiflis and Kolaczki. A Kifli is a crescent shaped pastry cookie with a walnut filling, and then covered in powder sugar. (YUM!) A Kolaczki is a recipe that is made with a cream cheese dough, which bakes up extremely buttery and flaky. The ones that I get are diamond shaped and are filled with apricot and raspberry which are two of my favorite flavors for any type of pastries. My fiancé really enjoys their apple Danish. He loves to bring them home and load them up with cool whip (which I always ask for a bite of, OOPS!) While the apple one is very good, I of course prefer their apricot ones, they are honestly to die for!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

It wasn’t until last year that my fiancé (Justin) and I started going to the market together. He now loves going there to get fresh fruits and vegetables, but it is hard for him to get a Saturday off where he works. So when I have the chance to go, I like to go and pick up a couple things for him. One of his favorite things to buy from there is green tomatoes. Have you ever heard of fried green tomatoes? Well he loves them, and his mom makes some killer ones. While they are pretty easy to make you have to eat them fresh! Which for me tends to be a struggle considering the fact that I cannot eat hot things (temperature or spice). Honestly I think I may have just burned my tongue one too many times, haha. Anyways, so this past Saturday I picked him up a few green, yellow, and red tomatoes. He is loving them!

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset
Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

Saturday at the market was extra fun because I got to go with one of my close friends, Camille. Her and I bond over antiques, food, coffee, and of course shopping! So it’s not any surprise that her and I ventured out to the market together. While we would there, we stopped at a little booth that has some boutique like qualities (which is what drew us in, go figure!) We were immediately drawn to the cute jewelry that they had. We both bought some very, very cute pieces to add to our collection. Amid talking to the young gal ringing us up, she asked us if we had ever been to their stand alone store, Ali on the Boulevard. Go figure it is a boutique in South Bend, we looked it up and they have some of the cutest pieces of clothing and jewelry. So if you are local to the area, I recommend checking out Ali on the Boulevard. Camille and I instantly fell in love, and I have no doubt that you will too.

Processed with VSCO with 7 preset
Processed with VSCO with 7 preset
Processed with VSCO with 7 preset
Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

Thank you all for reading my second blog post! Leave me a comment letting me know some things you would like to see in the future!

Love always, Chloé Danielle