About Me: Chloé Danielle

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Chloe Danielle and I am a twenty-two year old from Northern Indiana. I am homeowner with my boyfriend Justin, and we are the proud parents of two adorable boxers. We aren’t thinking about kids anytime soon! 

I also sell MONAT. Don’t know what we are, well we are the #1 Premium Hair Care Company. These products have changed the lives of so many other women besides myself. Want to learn more? No need to worry I have a section dedicated to by business!

I love all things beauty and fashion, but since having a house I love homeware! Designing our home is quickly and easily becoming my favorite thing to do. The house is slowly but surely coming along.

Love Always, Chloé Danielle

Website: mymonat.com/chloeedanielle.com | Instagram: @chloeedanielle

2 thoughts on “About Me: Chloé Danielle

  1. Yes!! I’m so happy you wrote this. It’s so exciting for me to hear how other people are doing. I’m excited and can’t wait to hear more. ☺️🙏🏻

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